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Make An Informed Decision


The best way to select a cleaning service is to ask the right questions.  If the cleaning service cannot answer yes to all of the following questions, say no to them.


- Is the company fully insured and bonded?

- Are the people that come to your location salaried -   employees of the company?

- Are they covered by compensation insurance?

- Are the workers screened, tested, trained and supervised?

- Do they keep their appointments on time?

- Do they have a fully staffed office to serve you?

- Do they pay payroll taxes and sales taxes?


In an industry often without standards, it is important to choose a company that insists on them.  You will be trusting your valuable home or office to your cleaning service.  If they don't treat their employees fairly, skimp on insurance or cheat on taxes and regulations, what will they do to you?


CONTINENTAL, is the most trusted company in the industry - not one insurance claim against our crime or bonding policy in more than 500,000 cleanings since 1983.


 We take care of our employees, our taxes, our insurance and most importantly we take care of YOU.

Not one claim against our insurance bond in over 30 years & more than 500,000 cleanings.

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